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Immigration problems and Visa applications: 

Michele Clayton (MARN 0957773) and Pablo Ramirez (MARN 1276842) bring years of experience to your case. Michele works almost exclusively on immigration cases. Pablo combines immigration with business and general law matters. They will explain your options and available pathways to move forward with your Australian residency. If no pathway realistically exists they will be open and honest with you about that fact, but they love to make things work for you where any hope does exist. So if your case needs a strategy that’s not straight out of the box, they will focus on finding it. Michele and Pablo have frequently succeeded with visa cases that other lawyers and registered migration agents had refused to take on.

WORK & BUSINESS VISA SERVICES: Skill Select, EOI, TSS, ENS, RSMS, Business Plans, Skills Assessments, FAMILY VISA SERVICES: Partners, Parents, Children, Orphan Relatives, HUMANITARIAN VISA SERVICES: Protection visas, Refugees,Special humanitarian, REVIEW: Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Judicial Review of migration decisions, PROBLEMS: visa cancellations, section 501 character consideration, PIC 4020, No Further Stay 8503 waivers, Schedule 3,incorrect notification of decisions, immigration detention and other problems.

Police and Criminal Matters:

Tough and creative criminal lawyer Nadia Long will fight to get you the best possible outcomes in all circumstances. If your case requires counsel to be retained, Nadia’s close working relationships with highly experienced and successful barristers will be to your advantage.

Business Law and Commercial Leases:

Pablo Ramirez will assist you with all legal needs to get your business running and keep it operating effectively and in compliance with all agencies’ requirements.

Waste Management and Environmental Solutions:

Ewan Harper is our specialist consultant in waste management and environmental solutions. Ewan has industry-wide experience across many years and his knowledge and contacts throughout Australia and internationally will be invaluable to setting up your operations and keeping them compliant.

Conversely, if you have already run into some problems with environmental authorities, and need some advice or representation, Pablo Ramirez or Michele Clayton will advise and assist you towards your best possible outcome.


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